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* Do you know the most popular DNS attack types?

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A DNS attack is an exploit in which an attacker takes advantage of vulnerabilities in the DNS (Domain Name System). One of the most common reasons behind the DNS attack is unfair competitor behavior. The hackers are attacking the competition illegally so that it can suffer downtime and all the consequences of it. Other reasons can be Extortion, Revenge, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common DNS attack types:

  • DDoS Amplification - DDoS attack type in which the attacker exploits vulnerabilities in domain name system servers to turn initially small queries into much larger payloads, which are used to bring down the victim's servers.
  • DNS Spoofing - DNS spoofing is the act of entering false information into a DNS cache so that DNS queries return an incorrect response and users are directed to the wrong websites.
  • DNS Tunneling - A method of cyberattack that encodes the data of other programs or protocols in DNS queries and responses.
  • DRDoS - It usually involves multiple victim machines that unwittingly participate in a DDoS attack on the attacker's target.
  • DNS Flood Attack - The idea is simple - to send traffic from one or many devices to the targeted server.

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